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Aboriginal Cultural Appreciation 2019 [001203]

This course is for all Communities staff and is part of our Corporate Induction covering Aboriginal Origins, Colonisation, Policy Impact on Social Development and Myths/Considerations.

Dept; Carers; Sector


Accountable and Ethical Decision Making (CPFS Division Staff) [000255]

Raises awareness and provides clarity to dept staff in the important and often complex areas of ethical and accountable decision making within the Western Australian Public Sector.

Dept-CP Staff


Accountable and Ethical Decision Making (Disability Services Division Staff) [000691]

This online training has been designed to help find answers to important accountability questions that may arise in your daily work and explain the standards of behaviour expected of you.

Dept-DS Staff


Alcohol and Other Drugs - Introduction [000392]

Gives a fundamental understanding of the issues associated with problematic Alcohol and Other Drug use

Dept Staff


Assist: An Introduction to Assist (Dept-CP Staff) [000602]

Provides the basic skills needed to navigate around the Department’s Case Management System (Assist)  and view information relevant to your job role.

Dept-CP Staff


CaLD: An Introduction to Cultural and Language Diversity [000022]

Cultural Competency training for Dept. staff working with people from culturally and linguistically diverse (CaLD) backgrounds.

Dept Staff; Carers; Sector


CHARM: Complaints Handling and Resolution Module (Dept-CP Staff) [000030]

Introduces Department staff to CHARM (Complaints Handling and Resolution Module).

Dept-CP Staff


Child Development and Attachment: An Introduction [000033]

An  introduction to child development and attachment with a focus on typical developmental pathways of children, factors influencing development and the importance of healthy attachment for development.

Dept Staff; Carers; Sector


Child Protection: An Introduction [000038]

An introduction to child abuse and neglect;  types, impacts and risk factors.

Dept Staff; Carers; Sector


Children in Care: An Introduction [000040]

Essential knowledge about their role in supporting children in care as outlined by legislation, policy and practice frameworks

Dept Staff; Carers; Sector


Communicate Effectively In The Workplace (CPFS Division Staff) [000453]

This course examines the intricacies of communication in the workplace, the behaviours necessary for effective communication and the positive impact of active listening. It also looks at the different ways in which we communicate in the workplace.

Dept Staff


Communication, Consultation and Cooperation (CPFS Division Staff) [000465]

This course provides guidance for both middle and senior levels of management in relation to consultation and communication obligations.

Dept Staff


Corporate Induction (CPFS Division Staff) [000044]

Essential knowledge for staff and carers about their role in supporting children in care as outlined by legislation, policy and practice frameworks.

Dept-CP Staff


Cyber Security Awareness (CPFS Division Staff) [000538]

This course comprises six topics: Intro to cyber security, The cyber threat, socially engineered email, preventing cyber incidents, policies, procedures and responsibilities and securing your home computer and mobile devices

Dept Staff


Effective Work Management Strategies Program (CPFS Division Staff) [000473]

This diverse program of courses will provide you with knowledge, information, strategies and tools to help you more effectively manage some of the demands and challenges of daily working life.

Dept Staff


Emergency Plans, Making And Reviewing (CPFS Division Staff) [000459]

This course is designed for managers and supervisors who need to make and review workplace emergency plans to ensure a safe work environment for everyone.

Dept Staff


Emergency Services: An Introduction [000345]

An overview of the Department's role in Emergencies.

Dept Staff


Equal Opportunity In Employment (CPFS Division Staff) [000463]

This course has been designed to provide legally compliant training about organisational and employee  responsibilities in relation to equal opportunity in employment, how to avoid discrimination and promote diversity in the workplace.

Dept Staff


Family and Domestic Violence: An Introduction [000068]

This course aims to develop an awareness of family and domestic violence, in the context of child protection

Dept Staff; Carers; Sector


Food Safety (Disability Services Staff) [000680]

This course is designed to take you through safe food handling practices.

Dept-DS Staff


Foster Carer Preparation Training - Self Paced [000346]

This Online Learning Program provides applicant Foster Carers and newly approved carers with the learning necessary to prepare for fostering children and young people within the care of the Department for Child Protection and Family Support.

Dept Staff; Carers


Health and Safety in the Workplace, Managing (CPFS Division Staff) [000456]

This course is designed for managers and supervisors who need to understand and effectively manage work health and safety risk in the workplace to ensure a safe work environment for everyone.

Dept Staff


HR Online Learning Summary (CPFS Division Staff) [000486]

An overview course showing the learner's progress through all the Programs and Courses that constitute the HR Online Learning suite

Dept Staff


Incident Management (CPFS Division Staff) [000458]

This course is designed for managers and supervisors, and sets out the steps that should be taken to properly manage and investigate safety incidents in the workplace, if and when they occur.

Dept Staff


Induction (Disability Services Staff) [000689]

Provides information on your employment, financial management and accountability, and general workplace behaviour.

Dept DS Division Staff


Investigative Child and Vulnerable Person Interviewing [000488]

Child Development and Complex Communication Needs pre-course eLearning modules and Webinars for the Investigative Child and Vulnerable Person Interviewing course for CPFS and WAPOL staff.

Dept-CP, and nominated Police Dept, Staff


Legislation for Case Practice 1-6 [000115]

Essential knowledge about the Children and Community Services Act 2004 and how it underpins case practice. This is part one of the three part legislation for case practice series.

Dept Staff


Legislation for Case Practice 7-8 [000116]

Essential knowledge about the Children and Community Services Act 2004 and how it underpins case practice. This is part two of the three part legislation for case practice series.

Dept Staff


Legislation for Case Practice 9-10 [000117]

Essential knowledge about the Children and Community Services Act 2004 and how it underpins case practice. This is part three of the three part legislation for case practice series.

Dept Staff


Legislation: Giving Evidence and Cross-examination in the Children's Court [000481]

A primer for CPFS Division Staff who need to give evidence in The Childrens Court

Dept Staff


Manual Handling (CPFS Division Staff) [000460]

This course details the requirements for safety in respect to manual handling in accordance with Australian health and safety laws. It is based on guidance and standards that are designed to be applied nationally.

Dept Staff


Medication Refresher (Disability Services Staff) [000684]

Provides all services branch staff to comply fully with all aspects of the Medication Policy and the Medication Management System Manual.

Dept DS Division’s Services Branch


Mutual Exchange of Information [000411]

Information about laws that broaden the exchange of information not only in relation to the wellbeing of a child but also information relevant to the safety of a person subjected to, or exposed to, acts of family and domestic violence.

Dept Staff


OSH Compliance (Disability Services Staff) [000688]

This training is mandatory as per the Code of Practice: Occupational Safety and Health in the Western Australian Public Sector and government reporting requirements.

Dept DS Division Staff


OSH for Managers (Disability Services Staff) [000687]

This training is mandatory for all management staff, as per the Code of Practice: Occupational Safety and Health in the Western Australian Public Sector and government reporting requirements.

Dept DS Division Managers


OSH Program (CPFS Division Staff) [000472]

This program of courses provides a broad range of important and useful information in relation to Occupational Safety and Health (OSH).

Dept Staff


OSH Training for Managers (CPFS Division Staff) [000054]

Guidance for managers and supervisors on how to effectively manage OSH in the workplace. The course will provide information that will enable you to identify risks to health and safety in the workplace.

Dept Staff


Priorities, How To Manage (CPFS Division Staff) [000454]

Provides valuable tools that can help in taking control of your work schedule and better prioritise your work tasks.

Dept Staff


Problem Solving Tools And Techniques (CPFS Division Staff) [000461]

Outlines the problem-solving process and provides an introduction to a range of problem-solving tools and techniques that can be applied to a range of workplace situations.

Dept Staff


Record Awareness Training (Disability Services Staff) [000690]

Provides Disability Services Division staff with an awareness of their obligations under the State Records Act (2000) and an insight into effective recordkeeping practices.

Dept-DS Staff


Records Awareness Training (CPFS Division Staff) [000491]

Records Awareness Training (RAT) is an interactive course that raises records management awareness and provides essential knowledge of departmental policies and guidelines established for compliant recordkeeping.

Dept-CP Staff


Risk Management in the Workplace (CPFS Division Staff) [000462]

This course is designed for managers and supervisors who need to understand and effectively manage risks to safety and health in the workplace to help ensure a safe work environment.

Dept Staff


Safe Sleeping [000133]

To reduce the risk of sudden unexpected deaths in infants, including the risk that can occur when babies co-sleep. This course provides professionals working with families with infants current evidence based information on safe sleeping practices.

Dept Staff; Carers; Sector


Sanctuary: Foundations [000136]

An introductory overview of the major components of the Sanctuary Model and practical tools used to facilitate sanctuary in Residential Care.

Dept Staff


Stress, How To Manage (CPFS Division Staff) [000455]

This course is designed to provide you with an understanding of how to identify and manage stress.

Dept Staff


Time and Attendance (CPFS Division Staff) [000543]

A guide for staff to help them find their way around with your attendance rosters and leave requests in the Time and Attendance System.

Dept-CP Staff


Work Health & Safety (Compliance Essentials) (CPFS Division Staff) [000052]

An overview of the common hazards in the office work environment and how to prevent injury. It also introduces the legal framework surrounding OSH responsibilities.

Dept Staff


Work Health & Safety (The SAFE Files) (CPFS Division Staff) [000051]

The S.A.F.E files aims to educate employees on the importance of creating and maintain a safe and healthy workplace. This course provides legally compliant training covering work health and safety.

Dept Staff


ViewPOINT Introduction (Dept Staff) [000733]

This eLearning module is for staff to learn about the purpose and importance of Viewpoint and how to use it in practice with children and young people in care.

Dept Staff


Workplace Bullying (Compliance Essentials) (CPFS Division Staff) [000452]

This course answers key questions about workplace bullying and offers guidance on how to recognise and prevent bullying behaviour.

Dept Staff


Workplace Bullying (The SAFE Files) (CPFS Division Staff) [000464]

This course provides legally compliant advice about employer and employee responsibilities in relation to workplace bullying.

Dept Staff


Workplace Bullying and Conflict Program (CPFS Division Staff) [000471]

This program of courses will help you to improve your recognition and understanding of workplace bullying and workplace conflict.

Dept Staff


Workplace Conflict, How To Manage (CPFS Division Staff) [000457]

This course is designed to provide you with information about how to manage conflict in the workplace. It provides an overview of the different types and sources of conflict in the workplace.

Dept Staff


Workplace Diversity Program (CPFS Division Staff) [000474]

Help you to clearly understand the importance and benefits of equal opportunity in employment and equip you with knowledge about your responsibilities, how to avoid unlawful discrimination and how to promote and embrace diversity in the workplace.

Dept Staff


WWCSU - Applying the Legislation - Back to Basics (WWCSU Staff) [000250]

Serves as a refresher for long term staff, brings new staff up to speed and provides a foundation of knowledge for all job roles across the WWCS Unit.

Dept WWCSU Staff


WWCSU - Induction (WWCSU Staff) [000173]

Provides WWCSU staff with the necessary information and motivation to assist their transition into their new work environment

Dept WWCSU Staff


WWCSU - Phone Skills for WWC Staff (WWCSU Staff) [000176]

Provides the WWCSU staff with telephone skills

Dept WWCSU Staff


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